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Peony Supermoon!

Buddha and the Rat

It's time for another Oracle Card. This week's feature is Spirit Guides, presenting the lovable Rat of the Chinese Zodiac. Known for being clever and highly intelligent, so much so that the Rat is the first year of the Chinese Zodiac and falls in the both the latest and earliest hours of the day. (Hour of the rat is 11 p.m. to 1 a.m.)

As the tale goes, Buddha invited the animals to see him off before he ascended to Enlightenment. Only 12 animals came, and each became honored with its own year. The Rat caught a ride on the Ox's horn and scampering ahead, was the first to greet the Buddha. Consequently the Rat is recognized first in the 12 year zodiac cycle. This card can be a symbol for beginnings.

Known for rapid communication and quick action, the Rat has deep connections and organizes well. Adaptable and creative, the Rat in this card represents group telepathy and collective harnessing of the moons power. Together we are stronger!

Peony Supermoon

On the Moon front, the moon currently is in Leo and is waxing gibbous. Full moon falls on Monday night next week, and will be a Supermoon. Be on the lookout for the sun fully illuminating our Moon! It only happens a few times a year, and the moon will seem especially large. The Chinese call April's moon the Peony Moon, as peonies should be in full, gorgeous bloom around this time of year. Spiritually speaking, it's a good time for reflection and relaxation. The moon will be in the constellation of Scorpio, making the experience especially acute and poignant. I hope you all get a chance to moon bathe and recharge!

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