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Awakening - the Rooster

Good news from the Oracle publisher! The decks have been shipped and should arrive today! To all those who pre-ordered the Inner Light Moon Oracle, a huge thank you for your support and patience. Expect to see your decks next week! Anyone who would like to place an order, you can do so here.

Card of the week is Awakening: No. XX -Judgement in the traditional Tarot. Getting a handle on one's own judgement is a feature of awakening. Bringing mindfulness to one’s activities will enrich and deepen one’s life.

The Judgement card refers to the end of times, when one's past will be evaluated. This Inner Light Moon card of Awakening is all about the present. The present moment wipes clean all the past and all the future.

How we awaken is an ongoing practice of presence--being fully and entirely present in the moment. So often we can be stuck in the past, or worried about the future. When this happens we miss out on the NOW.

What are we truly here to do and experience? Understanding that our true nature is to awaken in a profound way to the world around us, this awareness brings forth the presence of our true selves.

The Rooster, up at the crack of dawn, heralds a new day. Every present moment is a new chance to re-experience this connection with life. Hardworking and resourceful, the rooster never shies away from a task. Through our daily work and play we have the opportunities to deepen this connection with our eternal now.

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