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New Phoenix Series ❤️

I'm so excited about starting a new Phoenix series that is very personal to me. In this series, I explore the deep psychic changes occurring in the world, embracing the yin aspect of our humanity that has been oppressed for millenniums.

My grandmother's Chinese name was Lucky Phoenix. She had two sisters, Jade Phoenix and Golden Phoenix. Because she survived the World War II and lived to over 100, she truly was the lucky one.

While my father was raised in Post-Imperial China, my childhood in Midwest America was very far removed from his experience and culture. Nonetheless, these archetypes still reside in my consciousness, and emerge through me in a contemporized expression. I make a slight homage to a modern ancestral worship in the process.

In Imperial China, the Phoenix referred to the Empress. Today it embodies the feminine aspect of the dragon/phoenix pair. Now is the time for all people, but women especially to embrace their inner Empress and their personal power. It will be through all people harnessing this goddess energy that we come into a long-needed balance of the yin and yang / moon and sun / female and male energies.

Today marks the 3rd Solar Term of this Ox Year! 驚蟄, Jīngzhé, Insects Awake. The sun’s longitude is at 345 degrees. Rainstorms are more common, the weather is warmer, and the crack of thunder jolts these insects out of hibernation.

It’s been cloudy here in the Cruz, but no rain. Are you sleeping in your warm cocoon? Or are you a butterfly?

Enjoy all the lovely sounds of Spring as the Equinox approaches ♥️

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