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Happy March New Moon

Dear Friends! Coming up tomorrow is the first New Moon since Chinese New Year! How is your lunar year going? What wonderful dreams to you have in mind for this moon cycle and the lunar year in general? My Year of the Ox message was Paradise on Earth. I had meditated and was open and that came to me. At the time it felt perfectly achievable. Now, only one month later, it slips away. But having the reminder of nature can quickly bring me back to its powerful regenerative forces, not only of the physical world, but also within myself. I hope you continue to dream and bring forth beauty and love.

We are currently still in the the minor solar term of "Insects Awake". Each term has three further subdivisions, breaking down the 15-16 day cycle into even more specific occurring phenomena. This 2nd pentad is "First Peach Blossoms". Do you notice the Spring blooms opening up? This is such a lovely time in many parts of Asia. Lovers commonly go out to see the burst of cherry, peach or plum blossoms. Enjoy those gorgeous, delicate and ephemeral blossoms.

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