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Fly Me to the Moon

Happy February Full Moon coming up tomorrow! I hope you remember to celebrate all you have brought forth and blossomed in this past full moon cycle. To the Chinese, this February full moon is know as the "Budding Moon", when the winter rains stimulate the plants to waken and open to the longer days and warming sun.

  Woodcut and digital media by Elizabeth Lee
Fly Me to the Moon by Elizabeth Lee

Here at Studio Hozuki, still in the ideation stages of this year's potentialities. One big passion project I hope to wrap up soon is the Inner Moon Oracle Deck. Still pricing and working with different printers on estimates. It's perfect for this bud phase, and hopefully will be opening and going out into the world shortly.

Artists' studios in Santa Cruz, CA
Moon over 17th Ave. Studios Santa Cruz

I finally feel settled into the new studio space at 17th Ave. Will be sharing some larger pieces with you as soon as they get resolved visually. Hoping wherever you are the moon is shining it's effervescent glory on your world.

Elizabeth Lee at 17th Ave. Studios in Santa Cruz
Studio Happiness

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