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Walking the Rainbow Mountains

How was the blood super moon and lunar eclipse for everyone last Wednesday? I woke up about 4:30 a.m. with my mind racing. The sky was overcast, so not much to see here. Feeling it's reverberations.

Fun updates with the Oracle Deck! A beta version of the website is out. If all goes well with the printers we will be mailing orders in late June/early July. Let me know if you are interested in a pre-order. I will be sure to send you a link.

The card for this week is Balance, which is always a bit of a tightrope act. The key is centering and courage. The traditional Tarot counterpart to this card is Justice, which also requires centering and courage. Like the scales of Justice, the girl pictured here is blindfolded. She must proceed on feeling alone, and trust her feet to carry her across the bridge. The words, Crossing between worlds, refer to having one

foot in the physical realm and one foot in the invisible realm. This way one can traverse the expanse of the Rainbow Bridge and use all of one's senses, including the 6th sense.

Balance of all 5 elements are shown in this card. The green in the mountains represent earth. This girl carries a staff which symbolizes wood. Especially important in moving forward is the wood energy of action, determination and steadiness. The sun in the sky holds the fire element. The mists of the clouds and the water below capture the water element. Deep in the mountains, metal is buried. Though not visible, its potential and presence is undeniable.

The balance in this card also shines through visually. Traditional Chinese brush painting style blends with modern brightness and improvised colors. The layers of painting, illustration, pen and ink amalgamate into a whole through a proportioned combination.

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