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The lesser fullness of grain

Today marks the 8th Solar Term of the Chinese Lunisolar calendar. The sun is at 60 degrees on its annual

ecliptic path. Seasonally speaking, in the Northern Chinese Plains, grains begin to plump out and sprouting is more developed. As agriculture is the foundation of a healthy civilization, making note of crop progressions celebrates Nature's gifts and abundance. It also focuses on conscientious cultivation in preparation for a rich harvest.

On the Inner Light Moon Oracle front, the files have been submitted to the printer! It's so exciting! The proofing process continues and I am moving on to write a more comprehensive booklet to accompany the guide.

The card for this week is Karmic Wheel, a Tibetan dharmachakra, or Wheel of Dharma (teachings).

In the traditional Tarot, Card X. is the Wheel of Fortune. What goes up must come down, circling round and round. The Western interpretation is slightly more random than this card.

For the Inner Light Moon Oracle, the Karmic Wheel represents the 8 spokes of the Noble 8-Fold path. The lotus petals flowering signify the blooming of consciousness along this path. The wheel can sometimes refer to the Buddha himself, whose teachings turned the wheel by liberating millions of humans from suffering with the tools of Enlightenment.

How will you turn the wheel? Cause creates effect. Our words, thoughts and actions have meaning that ripple out as vibrations in the world. There is a beginning and end to circumstances. Those that are rooted in the negative may bear negative results. Those that are watered with positive energy will yield positive results. Crisis can be transformed into protection over time, as long as what drives the wheel is the correct intention. Staying pure in one's heart will ultimately lead to the lotus blooming.

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