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Rainbows Appear

Happy Ides of April friends!

Technically we are a few days past the Ides, which in Roman times designated the division of the month. Formerly used to mark the full moon, the Ides quickly got out of rhythm with the solar calendar, and became, instead, a time to note mid-month.

I very much enjoy studying ancient calendars, as they unveil old ways of viewing the world and our natural systems. Along these lines, we are in the last Pentad of Qing Ming, 虹始見, 'Rainbows begin to appear'.

Taken near the Sacramento Airport
Double Rainbow

Rainbows are so symbolic of all the colors, living in harmony, and hope after rain. I love dreaming that this is the direction the world is headed. This picture really doesn't capture my amazement of seeing a full double rainbow after a stormy drive, but it was the best I could do from my phone.

Coming up in a few days on April 20th: The 6th Solar Term--Grain Rain (or Wheat Rain). California has been in such a drought these past years, it would be truly wonderful to have a period of rain for our crops. Especially since California produces over a third of the vegetables in the U.S., and two-thirds of the country's fruits and nuts.

For the Oracle Deck today, I wanted to share one of the Five Element Fire cards with you. I recently had a small review of all the cards before they went to press, and this one needed a do-over. Here it is, a fresh new state.

The fire cards correspond with the wands in the traditional tarot, signifying movement, energy and action. In this deck the fire cards are closely associated with the season of summer.

A couple share a fun moment on a bike ride. In the background a picnic is laid out on a blanket. Sunflowers bloom in a joyful energy, as exercising together makes the experience brighter.

Though it may be a bit cold for a bike ride where you live, I have been enjoying my bike these days. As we slowly come out of the pandemic hibernation, I hope you find some shared activities with loved ones, hopefully outdoors in the fresh air.

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