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Queen Lady of the Chariot

Happy end of April all! Summer is just around the corner! May 5th, Cinco de Mayo in Mexico, is the start of summer in China, or 立夏, (lìxià), Summer Begins. The Sun will have reached the celestial longitude of 45° this Wednesday. This is the 7th Solar Term of the Chinese Lunisolar Calendar.

On the theme of 7, today's card is # 7: Doumu, a Taoist Diety, often honored as the Mother of the Tao, the Way of Nature. To the Taoists, she can be known as Mysterious Lady of the Nine Heavens. She gave birth to the 9 Kings of Heaven, who represent the 7 stars of the Big

Dipper as well as two unseen stars. This constellation is illustrated as lotuses in the heavens. The two unseen stars glow as balls of light on Doumu's shoulder.

In Buddhism, Doumu is known as Mārīcī who rides on 7 cows. For this reason 牛 (niú), the Ox (or other bovines, like cows) is pictured with her in this card. Doumu is so ubiquitous and galactic, she is known by many names. She is generally honored as the feminine aspect of the King of Heaven.

In the traditional Tarot, the 7th Card of the Major Arcana is the Chariot, symbolizing charging ahead with great power and success. For this deck, Doumu has a softer presence. Focus, determination, direction and clarity are gifts she delivers. Stare up at Orion's Belt on a clear night. You will be seeing Doumu as well. Receive her mysteries from the night sky.

Thanks for everyone's patience and encouragement on the deck's progress!

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