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Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Full crow moon coming up this Sunday! Anyone hear the crows cawing lately? They're super noisy here, coming out of their slumber and not letting anyone else sleep either!

The Chinese call the March moon "Sleepy Moon", as nature is still in its groggy state of awakening. I hope your year is perking up as blooms begin to open and the song of Spring comes into its full chorus. This is the second full moon of the Ox Year.

In the studio, still plugging away with digitizing the Inner Light Moon Oracle Deck. Thanks to everyone who is asking about its progress! You

definitely keep me going.

The next card is Magick! Traditionally the Magician card, here depicted as the monkey. There is a classic comic tale in Chinese literature, called Journey to the West (by Wu Cheng'en of the Ming). This epic fable chronicles the evolution of a stone monkey who becomes Monkey King. He wrecks havoc in the heavens and is imprisoned by Buddha. Freed by a Monk after thousands of years, they travel together to bring the holy scriptures of Enlightenment from India to China.

In this card, Magick Monkey harnesses the Five Elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water to transform lead into gold. This alchemical process actually refers to the refining of the human spirit from its denser physical body to its golden energetic body that is pure essence.

The bamboo represents the wood element. The fire heats the tea kettle to create the steam that signifies the water element. Metal is portrayed by the sword that cuts through illusion. Earth is portrayed by the Chinese coin that Monkey uses as his belt buckle.

This deck does pay homage to the Minor Arcana suits of Traditional Tarot. Disks, Swords, Cups, and Staffs symbolize Earth, Air, Water, and Fire respectively.

While Chinese 5 Element Theory doesn't perfectly correspond to the Western Elements of Earth, Air, Water, and Fire, they are relatable. Air and the Chinese Element of Metal are frequently interchanged. Wood is an additional but important element.

When I complete sharing the Major Arcana with you here, I'll move onto the "Suits". In the Inner Light Moon Oracle Deck, the Suits correspond to the Chinese 5 Elements. More details coming in future posts. Thank you for coming along on the journey!

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