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Love will change the world

Full moon in Capricorn friends, and its message is that love will change the world! Love will change your attitude towards work, in relationships, with how you treat your home and your environment. Love is all and all is love, beckoning us to change and be more of who we are!

On the love front, we have Shisa love protecting the peaceful home. Shisas are the Okinawa variation of the Chinese Foo Dog or Guardian Lions. The dog in the Chinese Zodiac: 狗 DOG (gǒu) is a loyal friend.

Loyal and safeguarding, the dogs know who to trust, who to allow in the house and who to keep out!

You can see all versions of ceramic Shisas posted at the entrance of homes in Okinawa. The yang shisa’s mouth is open to frighten away all negativity. The yin shisa has a baby under its paw. Her mouth is closed so the goodness doesn’t leak out.

In the traditional Tarot, this card is called The Lovers, sometimes indicating a choice between loves. For the Inner Light Moon Oracle, the home is the foundation of society. Living with loyalty to one's partner and family will resonate out in the world in a deep way, affecting the nation and the planet.

Okinawa is home to the most centurions-per- capita in the entire world. Studies have been conducted to discover their secret to longevity. Perhaps it is the Shisas, guarding the homes, guarding the happiness, protecting the peace and loving each other that gives the support for a long and fruitful life!

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