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Independence & Interdependence

Happy 4th of July Friends! Independence Day of the 13 British Colonies is an interesting part of our history. What became freedom from British oppression created ongoing centuries of displacement for the Native Americans living along the Eastern Seaboard, and continuing westward.

The fortune on the left is my husband's.He laughed when he opened it. What is Independence truly? Isn't everything interdependent if you look deeply?

The Oracle card of the week is Civilization. I loved this card so much, I used it as the cover of the deck. Civilization embraces independence within the umbrella of society. Especially for American Civilization, where freedom sometimes takes greater importance than the greater whole, how does being civil and cultivating neighborliness impact the larger culture?

Traditionally, no. XV is the Devil card, in the formal Tarot. It addresses obsessions and often uses the imagery of the goat to represent the more animalistic side of human nature.

In the Chinese Zodiac, the goat (sheep/deer/herd animals) actually refers to socialization, connectivity, and positive relationships, including of course, with our environment and the animal kingdom. Chinese culture always seeks the middle ground and balance in relationships. For the Inner Light Moon Oracle, this card uses the goat theme and turns it towards the light.

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