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Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat - New Moon

Sunday marks another New Moon, this time in Aries, and a great time for manifesting, clarity and overcoming shyness, inhibitions and depression. "Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat", or "Fortune favors the brave" is the perfect expression for this lunar cycle.

On the Moon Deck horizons, this week's card is the Dragon Emperor. Traditionally the "Emperor" card of the Major Arcana, in this deck the 5th Animal of the Chinese Zodiac has a yang (masculine) aspect. It's a perfect card for the current New Moon, as it represents certainty in managing the affairs of one's world.

Obviously a ruler card, Dragons control all water elements. From the smallest spring to the widest ocean, a dragon is assigned to govern water, bring clouds, rain, mists, snows and dew.

In early Imperial China, the Dragon symbolized power. Dragon robes, having 3 claws, were bestowed upon officers above the 3rd rank. By the Song Dynasty, the Dragon had become associated with the Emperor. During the time of the Ming, dragon robes were exclusively for royalty and had 5 claws.

The Chinese dragon flies, like the legendary Western Dragon. In contrast to the Western concept, the Chinese dragon does not breathe fire. Even though the Dragon is yang, it's proximity and relation to water, a yin energy, softens its ferocity and dominance.

The dragon is known for its power, strength, and bearer of good fortune. In this card, the dragon holds a precious pearl in the position of the dan tian, the field of power. His rule over the four seas is a metaphor for the four directions, thus overseeing all realms.

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