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Death Card 13

Happy New Moon in Gemini Friends! Create, play and enjoy! On the Inner Light Moon Oracle front, the proof came back and was approved today for printing! What an exciting new beginning for this cycle. I'm totally thrilled and still in some disbelief that the deck will soon be born.

The card of the week is no. 13. Always one of my favorites, as it is the card of Change and Rebirth. 13 in modern times has come to symbolizes the divine Goddess and the moon, as the menses cycle being 28 days, adds up to 13 menses in a year. 13 scutes on a turtle's back, 13 rungs on the Egyptian ladder to eternity, 13 Doctrines of the Bards, 13 Treasures of Britain that Merlin protects, 13 segments to the Sacred Chords of Druids. It is a number vibrating to purity, Ascension, unity and incorruptibility. Like many powers of the Divine Feminine, fear and negativity has been attached to the number 13. In truth, it is a sacred number and important for balance and spiritual consciousness.

For the Inner Light Moon Oracle, card no. 13 is the Phoenix hatching from the flames. The heat is the catalyst. Like the fire that provides the regenerating force for the Giant Sequoia seed to crack open and germinate, so does the inferno provide a conducive environment for destruction and regeneration to occur.

From a Chinese perspective, the Phoenix is synonymous with the Empress and paired with the Dragon Emperor. The Phoenix is a profoundly Feminine Energy that magically gives birth through the cauldron of transformation.

With any metamorphosis, there is a death of sorts, and a renewal that comes with the new organization. This card is midway through the Fool's Journey and signifies the maturing of the querent on the path to Enlightenment.

What is Enlightenment? What is awakening? It means embracing the vehicle of the physical body that provides the playground for the Soul to experience and grow on the physical plane.

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