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Crickets & Pineapple

How is your summer going? I’m currently traveling and experiencing life on the East coast. It’s sultry and moist. Later this week we move into Greater Heat, the hottest season of the year. The sun will be at a celestial longitude of 120 °. It is also cricket season. Battling crickets is a popular pastime in China.

Fruits of this season are lychee and pineapple. Lychee purportedly compares to the potency of ginseng during this period of Major Heat. Candied dates coated in brown sugar refreshes and revitalizes. Summer mutton soup from Shandong province is popular.

Stay cool friends and enjoy the summer delights.

For the Inner Light Moon Oracle, the decks are still delayed at the printers!!! I am practicing patience and hope things can be resolved soon.

Card of the week is Ojizosama. Traditionally

Card no. XVI is The Tower, always terrifying signifying colossal upheaval and change, potentially a living hell.

For this reason, I chose Jizo to represent The Tower in the Inner Light Moon Oracle.

Until hell is emptied, Ojizo stands tall.

Ojizosama (Jizo) is the Japanese name for Kṣitigarbha: a wonderful deity to call upon during trying times. A very important devotee of Buddha, Jizo takes responsibility for the pain of all beings in the six worlds (heaven, demi-gods, human realm, animal realm, hungry ghosts and hell).

Protector of travelers, pregnant mothers, still borns, aborted babies, and anyone suffering in hell, his wish-fulfilling jewel lights up the night. Jizo hides the babies in his robes as he shuttles them to paradise. The babies’ bibs are often red, the color of safety and protection. Offerings are made to Jizo for safe childbirth and to aid souls in their passing. His staff opens the gates of hell.

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