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新年快乐 - Happy Lunar New Year!

Most of Asia will be celebrating the New Year festivities, or Spring Festival for this momentous Year of the Ox. Known as Seollal in Korea, the old new year in Japan, Tết in Vietnam, or Tết Nguyên Đán, Losar in Tibet and on and on. It's common name in the States is Chinese New Year. More accurately, it's the East Asian Lunar New Year and celebrated in many parts of the world. It's a great time to celebrate a fresh start, set some intentions for this current new moon cycle and the upcoming year!

It's not all dumplings and firecrackers. Projecting forward, this Year of the Metal Ox calls for steady consistency around routine, building up, and most especially prudence. Metal is one translation. This element is also known as Iron and evokes the blacksmith who hammers his spirit into a tool, sword, or other smelt objects.

A powerful element, Metal represents firmness, persistence, and determination. Its rigidity fortifies. It offers courage. Combined with the strength of the ox, which signifies movement, the overall direction of this year is to build, quietly, gently and steadily. Take care with speech and action. The words you speak to yourself and others can encourage or bring detriment. Mindfulness brings great benefit.

Often grief is associated as the "negative" aspect of Metal. However, grieving has the potential to cut and penetrate through old wounds and dissipate sorrows. Grief can weaken even the firmest of intentions. While indulging in grief excessively can cause damage, when respected appropriately, it adds purpose and meaning to this Element.

For the Chinese, celebrations always call for food, and the New Year has such a wonderful variety of recipes. Even though my grandparents owned a Chinese restaurant, I unfortunately didn't learn those cooking skills. I still appreciate and enjoy the depth and medicinal qualities of Chinese cuisine. For some fun recipes, check out

Wishing you a great week, an amazing new moon, and a rich and abundant New Year!


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